Hi, I'm Reza 👋

This is my online home where I share my thinking, learning and writing on a wide variety of topics from business and starting up, to philosophy and productivity.


My background is in engineering. Despite that, I've spent almost all my career starting and scaling tech startups at the intersection of go-to-market and growth.

Currently, I'm leading marketing and growth at Sorted, a personal task management tool that makes scheduling and getting things done a joy and a breeze! I'm also an advisor and part-time investor to early-stage SaaS companies.

⌨️ 🎙

I'm fascinated by what makes humans and businesses thrive and reach their true potential.

To fuel this curiosity and publicly share my learnings, I write a weekly newsletter with musings and ideas on personal growth, business and life philosophy.

I also host a podcast, where I interview entrepreneurs and creators on their mindsets and habits.

Some of my favourite stuff

✈️ Destinations

I've been to 42 countries and lived in 3. Through my travels, I've come to appreciate how similar we are as humans regardless of race, ethnicity or colour. Here are some snapshots from these trips taken over the years 🖼

🇨🇦 British Columbia
🇧🇷 Paraty
🇬🇷 Mykonos
🇩🇰 Copenhagen
🇸🇪 Gothenburg
🇧🇷 Rio de Janeiro
🇬🇧 Dorset
🇮🇳 Udaipur
🇭🇷 Bol

🎉 Everything else

You can find me on Twitter, and if you want to email me, you can drop a note to hi@reza.so.

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