Who pays on a first date?

Matthew Hussey
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Matthew Hussey talks about who should pay on a first date and how it affects the power dynamic in a relationship. It comes down to: confident and self-respecting guys don't want to feel like they are being taken advantage of.

  • The moment you say to a guy you have to pay for my time you're saying this relationship isn't equal; my time is worth more than yours so you should pay for it. Here's my view if you go on a date with a guy and you don't offer to pay your share you weren't taught right if you go on a date and he doesn't pay he wasn't taught right.
  • I can tell you right now if I was dating someone and they never offered to pay I wouldn't be dating them, because I'd say this is the most polite there ever going to be and they're not even trying to pay now. What does that say about my future.
  • I will always treat my partner how I would treat my best friend and I wouldn't apply a different standard to my partner than my best friend. I wouldn't say to my best friend let's always go out to dinner and you always pay. I'd say let's be teammates here in whatever way we can.
  • Let me tell you what means something to a guy: trying. When he feels that you're not even trying to contribute that's when he feels used because any guy who's really confident and self-respecting, if the woman never is even trying to contribute he feels like he's being taken advantage. It has nothing to do with money it has to do with the lack of gesture.