Two mistakes

September 17, 2020
min read

It's one thing to give an idea (or a side hustle) a chance, and decide to take a break from it.

It's another thing altogether to consider starting something, but not even take the first steps to get it off the ground.

One is pausing to catch your breath.

To get back to it again, starting where you left off.

The other is perfection over completion.

Waiting too long until you're finally ready.

Which is relative, and unattainable.

You can only make two mistakes along the way:

Not starting.

And not going all the way.


Taking it personally

Personal Development

Taking things personally is no different than being selfish! When you take things personally, you’re making the assumption that everything is about you. That’s not entirely true.

July 23, 2020
min read

Year in review


Looking back, the limitations made it difficult (and at times impossible) to pursue a lot of what I'd originally planned. But it was also an enabler to get more creative and find alternative paths to a desired outcome, destination or goal. And in doing so, coming to appreciate (and embrace) change.

December 31, 2020
min read

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