December 28, 2020

In each episode, I speak with entrepreneurs and creators to learn about their habits, mindsets and life philosophies.

The guests range from startup founders to community builders and writers, but they all share the same passion for expressing and sharing their gift of building and creating with the world.


Hello, and welcome to the latest episode of out of curiosity. My name is Reza. And on this podcast, I speak with entrepreneurs and creators to learn about their mindsets, habits and life philosophies. Together, we dive into timeless ideas to help answer what it means to live fulfilling lives and build meaningful careers.

Life is just like, imagine there's a bunch of hills or mountains, right, and some of them are small, some of them are big, but you never, you can't really connect the top of two mountains, right. But in order to get to the highest mountain, whatever the highest mountain means you, you need to explore a bunch of different mountains. And what I find that a lot of people do is again, they choose a mountain first, and they go up it, and then they just continue going up this mountain, because there's like a sunk cost of going back down that mountain, right? They don't want to become a beginner. Again, they put all this effort into exploring one thing. But again, remember, you chose to go up that mountain based on the information that your brain your AI had at that time.

I think it's important to be able to say, you know, look, if you're if your tribe is the red one, or the blue one, and you want to be part of that tribe, like, here's how to live a life that that that that will help you accomplish those goals.

I care much more about people's goals and how I can help them achieve it, then then if they run AIPAC, it's like, oh, if I'm in tune with my body, or if I'm in tune with my environment, I can be more present. And it's like, whether, I have thoughts or not, I'm not attached to them. And I think that's also the goal of a lot of different meditation practices, where it's not to have no thoughts, but to just let them come and go without being attached to them.

Going to ask somebody else you're going to get their point of view, but their point of view is never going to be your experience necessarily. You're just at a different time in a different space to different persons, you will react to the same thing differently like so. What What is the use, you just need to go and find out for yourself.

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