Comparing is draining

Personal Development
June 18, 2020
min read

Comparing is pointless.

When we compare, we typically take the strengths of others and put it against our weaknesses.

Even if we eventually get better in one area, there’s something else to improve on.

It’s a never-ending game.

Instead, focus on how you can beat yesterday. That is, your yesterday, not someone else’s.

Focus on what you can improve internally, not externally.

The more you do what truly satisfies you, the less likely you are to compare.

You can be anything, but you can’t be everything.


Needing nothing


Need and desire are two separate things. Desire is a powerful force you can use to make things happen. Need, on the other hand, embodies the absence of those things.

August 6, 2020
min read

Embracing randomness


Think of these 4 possibilities: There are things that you know you know. Other things that you know you don’t know. Stuff you don’t know you know. And things that you don’t know you don’t know.

June 11, 2020
min read

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